Coach Charlie Pearson

Coach Charlie started training in the martial arts at age 13. His first fighting style was a Korean martial art called Taekwondo. At the age of 26 he earned the rank of 4th degree black belt. Coach Charlie competed quite heavily in sport-style Taekowndo tournaments around the United States and was ranked in the top 5 in the nation. 

Looking for a system that would offer more real life fighting applications he started training in Philippine stick fighting and Muay Thai kickboxing. But it wasn't until the very first "No Holds Barred" event called the "Ultimate Fighting Championship" or "UFC" that Coach Charlie saw a format that would prove what the most effective fighting techniques were. Back then, the term "Mixed Martial Arts" or MMA hadn't even been created yet and there were no gyms or schools to teach him, so he started training with his students with this new rule-set. 

Coach Charlie entered a few underground tournaments, and with some success he intensified his training. The sport grew in popularity and Coach Charlie entered a few local tournaments and eventually won the Washington State MIddle Weight Title in 1997. Coach Charlie's professional debut was at the Superbrawl event in Hawaii where he won by decision. Coach Charlie then began training with Matt Hume out of AMC. 

Coach Charlie's fighting highlights:
17 wins 5 losses 3 draws
Washington State Amateur Pankration Title
Hawaiian Superbrawl winner
World Extreme Cage Fighting Winner
United States Professional Pankration Title
Hook-N-Shoot Inter-Continental Champion
Japan Shooto Veteran
Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) veteran

Coach Charlie has also helped many of his students reach success in the fighting arena. Here are some of his professional fighters achievements: 

Chris Munsen - Win over ADCC standout Alexandre "Cacareco" Ferreira, win over future UFC champion Dave Menne, London Cage Wars winner. 2nd place in the Rings Heavyweight Tournament. 

Angela Restad - Competed in the first ever all women's professional MMA event where she won the "Tapout fighter of the night" award. Angela was also victorious in Japan at the AX Fighting women's event where she defeated the #1 ranked girl in Japan by armbar. 

Boyd Ballard - Became the Washington State Champion and earned second place in the Hawaiian Heavyweight Superbrawl Tournament losing to future UFC heavyweight champion Tim Silvia despite entering the tournament at 200 pounds

Buck Bisbey - Over 20 wins in his career, Lords of the Cage Champion, Hawaiian Kauai "Garden Island Cage Fight" Champion. 

Landon Showalter - Over 30 fights in his career including wins over UFC fighters Steve Bruno and Drew Fickett. 

Emma Bush - Competed at the first ever all pro women's event in Korea, Japan Smack-Girl veteran. 

Mario Miranda - Kauai "Garden Island Cage Fight" Champion. 

Otto Olson - 2nd place 2003 ADCC losing to Marcelo Garcia in the finals. 

Sally Krumdiack - Hawaiian X-1 Winner, 2 Time Free Style Fighting Champion, 2 Time UMMA Champion, Japan Jewels Veteran, Ireland Cage Wars Veteran, Scotland Cage Wars Veteran, 2 time Fatal Femmes Winner, Professional San Shou Winner. 

Jonny Gilbertson - Round 1 China Real MMA Lightweight tournament winner. 

Chris Garcia - 3-0 Undefeated pro all wins in the first round by submission. 2 time China Real MMA winner. 

Coach Charlie has helped over 20 amateur fighters earn local titles as well. 

Coach Jake Furney

Coach Jake is one of the main instructors at Charlie's Combat Club and is responsible for student services. Coach Jake started his martial arts training in Taekwondo, eventually earning his 3rd degree black belt. In 2010 he started training at Charlie's Combat Club and soon began fighting. With over 15 fights and many grappling tournaments under his belt, coach Jake is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Coach Jake brings high-level positive energy to all of his classes, and is a prized jewel of the C3 family. 

Coach Miranda Granger

Coach Miranda actually started training with coach Charlie when she was 4 years old in the martial arts, eventually earning her black belt in Taekwondo at age 12! After taking a break from training for school, she resumed her training with a goal of getting into the cage to compete. Since then coach Miranda has earned three championship belts, the Cagequest 125lb MMA Champion, AXFC 125 MMA Champion and the AXFC Kickboxing Champion.

Coach Miranda helps with all the classes at Charlie's Combat Club and is a great role model for the children of our Killer Bees program. Coach Miranda really shines when she works with her fellow female teammates, empowering them through her example of hard word and accomplishments. Be aware though ... coach Miranda can be a bit sassy at times.